This week: tiny steps, operator precedence, and parsers!
Issue #54
A roundup of what's happening in the wonderful world of Elm
Articles and Discussion
Humio recently finished their upgrade to Elm 0.19! The results? Their bundle size decreased by 16.1%, and compile times went down by 96.5%!
Dillon Kearns introduces his technique for writing Elm code faster by taking the smallest steps possible.

Tools and Projects
Have you struggled with precedence and associativity rules when parsing an expression using elm/parser? You're not alone, and now there's a package to help sort it out!
"Demystifying Parsers" by Tereza Sokol
Messly is a seed-funded healthtech startup building the leading professional network for doctors in the UK. Looking for senior and mid-level full-stack engineers comfortable working in JS / React (current languages) and interested in implementing Elm in our new app and more widely. Small team (<5) with experienced Elm lead developer. Open to remote.

Email for more details.
Bractlet is a startup in Austin, Texas with software focused on optimizing building performance and maximizing investment capital using data from IoT devices and advanced building energy simulation technology. They've been using Elm for nearly two years now, in addition to JS/React, Ruby, Go, and a little bit of Haskell. This position is primarily frontend focused, though there will likely be occasional backend work available if it interests you.
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