This week: IntelliJ, phone numbers, and electric guitars
Issue #53
A roundup of what's happening in the wonderful world of Elm
Articles and Discussion
Elm Europe is looking for speakers! You have until the 15th of March to submit your talk.

Keith Lazuka and AJ Alt from Microsoft share their experience writing the amazing Elm language support package for the IntelliJ family of integrated development environments.

Ossi Hanhinen walks you through some of the lovely aspects of Elm in comparison with React+Redux+TypeScript.
Tools and Projects
Use metadata from Google's libphonenumber (which again is used in the Android OS) to validate international phone numbers.
Ju Liu - Do Parsers dream of Electric Guitars? - YouTube
We build a platform for matching consultants with customers without slow and expensive intermediates. We love statically typed functional programming, so our main technologies are Elm and Haskell. This enables us to move fast without breaking things.

Our team currently consists of three developers, and we're looking for frontend developers to help us grow the platform. Prior knowledge of Elm is not necessary but you should be willing and eager to learn it. Speakers of Scandinavian languages are preferred.

Curators' Corner
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