This week: test coverage, structuring your code, and a comparison to JS & Ramda
Issue #51
A roundup of what's happening in the wonderful world of Elm
Articles and Discussion
The well-known example app for what's known as "Taco model" created by Ossi Hanhinen and Matias Klemola has been updated to Elm 0.19 (and renamed to elm-shared-state for clarity). 
Roman Zolotarev implements a pagination solution using plain JavaScript, Ramda (and Sanctuary), and finally Elm. 

Preparations are under way for another round of Elm Europe on June 27-28 2019. The CFP is online and  early bird tickets are already on sale. 
Tools and Projects
elm-coverage is a tool for calculating code coverage for Elm code tested with elm-test.  A beta version has been released for Elm 0.19 (install with npm i -g elm-coverage@beta).
Folkert de Vries has created a package that allows you to automatically add near-optimal line breaks to paragraphs of text.
Great talk by Richard Feldman about structuring Elm code as it grows, recorded at Elm Europe 2017.
eSpark Learning is looking for people based in Chicago or San Francisco to join their small team building personalized learning web apps for K-8 students. Their main stack is Elm + Ruby on Rails API.
Curators' Corner
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