This week: Graphs, units, and (gasp) timezones!
Issue #50
A roundup of what's happening in the wonderful world of Elm
Articles and Discussion
Erkal Selman shares the story behind Kite, a web application for drawing and exploring directed graphs written entirely in Elm.
Where we learn that map is not just for lists (and about a forbidden f-word).
Tools and Projects
elm-units stores, converts, compares, and does arithmetic on a huge number of unit values. It's aimed especially at engineering/scientific/technical applications but is designed to be generic enough to work well for other fields such as games and finance. The core of the package consists of types like Length, Duration, Temperature, Speed and Pixels, which you can use to add some nice type safety to data types and function signatures.

Time zone data from the IANA Time Zone Database for use with elm/time. The elm/time library provides a Posix type for representing an instant in time. Extracting human-readable parts from a Posix time requires a Time.Zone. This library provides Time.Zone values for all named zones in the database, covering changes between 1970 and 2037.
Proteus Technologies is hiring Elm developers who would like to work in Bangkok, Thailand. Visa sponsorship available.

Contact for more details.
Curators' Corner
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