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Working with Files

Evan Czaplicki introduces two new packages for working with files and sequences of bytes, as well as a new version of the http package with a redesigned API.

How Elm Guides Towards Simplicity

Dillon Kearns describes how Elm guided him towards a simpler solution for a feature in his package dillonkearns/elm-graphql.

IBM Releases Elm-powered App

A field report about an application implemented in Elm at IBM.

Interesting Packages


Long awaited file support: select files, download files, work with file content.


Create encoders and decoders for working with sequences of bytes. The goal of this package is to support network protocols such as ProtoBuf.


A simple particle system for web apps, designed for visual flourishes like confetti.


Frontend engineer at Proda, any level (London, UK)

Proda does machine-learning driven data automation for the commercial real estate industry, and is looking for Elm developers to work on their Elm/Haskell application.

Frontend engineer at Drip  (Salt Lake City or Minneapolis, USA)

Drip is an email marketing company and is keen to hear from Elm developers, regardless of the level experience.

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