A round up of what’s happening in the wonderful world of the Elm programming language.


Copy to System Clipboard in Elm

Clayton Flesher looks at the seamless of integration of Clipboard.js with Elm.

Zach Kessin Elm Testing Book (a book on using elm-test)
Kyle J. Kress Crocodiles and Alligators (using Lenses elsewhere)
Jack Franklin Building the Elm Playground (a new Elm blog)
Elm Lang on the App Store (iOS app with learning resources)

Watching & Listening


Plotting in Elm!

Tereza Sokol has made a plotting library in Elm.

keyboard-combo 2.0.0

Handle keyboard key combinations with type safety in Elm by Scott Corgan.

Pythagoras Tree

A cool interactive Pythagoras tree visualisation by Samuel Mueller (code).

IV Drip Worksheet

A cool visualisation of administering a medicinal drip to animals by Brian Marick.

Meetups, Conferences & Events

Thu 3rd Nov, Boston , USA Boston Elm
Thu 3rd Nov, Las Vegas, USA Elmlang Las Vegas
Mon 7th Nov, Hangzhou, China Hangzhou Elm Meetup
Mon 7th Nov, Denver, USA Denver Elm Developers
Tue 8th Nov, Hamburg, Germany Elmoin
Wed 9th Nov, Nantes, FR DevFest Nantes 2016
Wed 9th Nov, Paris, France Meetup Elm Paris
Wed 9th Nov, Milwaukee, USA Milwaukee Functional Programming User Group
Wed 9th Nov, Orlando, USA Elm Orlando
Wed 9th Nov, San Francisco, USA Elm user group SF
Thu 10th Nov, Sydney, Australia Sydney Elm Meetup
Thu 10th Nov, Utrecht, Netherlands Utrecht JavaScript Meetup
Thu 10th Nov, New York, USA Elm NYC

Curator’s Corner

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