A round up of what’s happening in the wonderful world of the Elm programming language.


A Generic Handler For AWS SDK Operations in Elm

Matt Pfefferle uses the AWS SDK for JavaScript to query DynamoDB directly from the browser.

Not for the faint of heart: Optical Swordplay With Components:
Using Lenses & Monads to Refract the Elm Update
by Kyle J. Kress.

Elm & Express receive some attention from Andy Peterson
A Simple Client-Server Implementation and Nick Balestra Full-Stack Web Development.

David Nimmo was wrong to dismiss Elm, and he thinks you probably are too (although based on your reading habits, you haven’t dismissed it, have you?); Chris Buttery rounds up his robust experiences with Elm listing a lot of his code (some of which has been featured here); and James Kolce beautifully typesets this getting started post.

Watching & Listening

Making a Multiplayer Memory Game with Elixir and Elm

Max Gorin’s Lightning talk from EuRoKu in Sofia.

Building a Pomodoro App

Arron Mabrey and Tony Winn pair program a Pomodoro App live using Phoenix Channels and an Elm front end.

Creating Libraries for Elm: Lessons Learned

Slide deck from Ramón Soto Mathiesen’s talk at Elm Copenhagen.


Benchmarking Elm Functions

Patrick Oyarzun publishes a package to help benchmark your Elm code.

formatting 4.0.5

Kris Jenkins releases the latest version of his string formatting library (like printf, with interpolation).

Netlify’s playground

An application built in Elm to test redirect rules for Netlify’s static hosting service (code).

Loops With Friends

Start making music collaboratively with this real-time Elixir and Elm app by Jeff Cole (code).


Elm inspires this type-safe JSON decoder for TypeScript by Wesley Merkel.

Meetups, Conferences & Events

Sat 29th Oct, Malta Malta JS
Pietro Grandi Elm: frontend code without runtime exceptions
Mon 31st Oct, Hangzhou, China Hangzhou Elm Meetup
Tue 1st Nov, Portland, USA Portland Elm Group
Wed 2nd Nov, London, GB Codemesh
Andrea Magnorsky Making Games with Elm and Cats
Wed 2nd Nov, London, GB Code Mesh
Claudia Doppioslash Building a Graphical IDE in Elm/Purescript for a Distributed PLC Language Compiling to BEAM
Wed 2nd Nov, Barcelona, Spain Elixir |> Barcelona
Wed 2nd Nov, , Atlanta Elm Users Group
Thu 3rd Nov, Boston , USA Boston Elm
Thu 3rd Nov, Las Vegas, USA Elmlang Las Vegas

Curator’s Corner

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