A round up of what’s happening in the wonderful world of the Elm programming language.



Functions + State Management > Components

Damien Klinnert looks at Elm vs. React from the point-of-view of someone new to both.

The Return Monad

Isaac Shapira wants us to harness the power of (model, Cmd msg).

Applying User-Centered Design to Errors

Damien Klinnert shares how Elm (and Haskell) has influenced the way he builds software. Also Functions + State Management > Components.

Watching & Listening

Collaborative Music with Elm and Phoenix

Josh Adam’s talk from Elixir Conf at the beginning of the month.

Editing In Elm Town Episode 1

The first episode of a new podcast about Elm and its people from Murphy Randle with Jessica Kerr and Matthew Griffith.


Elm Repl

elm-repl in your browser from Girish Sonawane.

elm-ast 1.0.0

Bogdan Popa has written a parser for Elm in Elm.

elm-date-selector 1.0.0

Justin Mimbs has put together a DateSelector package.


An Elm implementation of a RoseTree related data structure by Marek Fajkus.

Meetups, Conferences & Events

Mon 3rd Oct, Hangzhou, China Hangzhou Elm Meetup
Mon 3rd Oct, Saint Louis, USA STL Elm
Tue 4th Oct, Copenhagen, DK GOTO Conference
Elm: Friendly Functional Programming For The Web Luke Westby
Tue 4th Oct, Kiel, Germany Elmoin
Tue 4th Oct, Madrid, Spain Madrid Haskell Users Group
Wed 5th Oct, Amsterdam, Netherlands GOTO Nights Amsterdam
Wed 5th Oct, San Francisco, USA Elm user group SF
Thu 6th Oct, Bedfordshire, GB JUXT 16
Adventures in User Interfaces Kris Jenkins

Curator’s Corner

Last week I stated that Eduardo Cuducos’ post was in Spanish—it was in fact Portuguese. Thanks to those who pointed it out.

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