A round up of what’s happening in the wonderful world of the Elm programming language.



Loops to Folds

Folkert de Vries translates common imperative loop patterns to Elm.

Idea Fight!

Rob Hoelz takes a walk through a partially ordered forest.

Basic Behavioral Composition

This question on the mailing list features answers from Richard Feldman and Soren Debois.

Server side Elm with Phoenix

An experiment with Server side Elm and Phoenix conducted by Daniel Neighman.

Kyle J. Kress demonstrates that Elm has the tools for i18n at the language level in Translations Using Unions in Elm.

Watching & Listening


Elm Package Skimmer

An elaboration of the Elm Package site to include GitHub stats by Matthew Griffith (code).

Hello PhoenixAndElm!

A ‘real use-case’ for Phoenix and Elm demoed in this online Address Book from Ricardo García Vega (code). 

Elm Convert Case

An truly horrific Elm application from Chris Buttery (code).

Hyperthemes – HyperTerm theme browser

Screenshot viewer of HyperTerm themes written in Elm by Matthias Winkelmann (code). 

Elm Orlando

Elm Orlando’s site, build in Phoenix and Elm, including Elm examples by Bijan Boustani (code).

Porting Twitch Chat to Elm

Description of an unofficial port of Twitch chat to Elm by Tolga Paksoy (code).

Meetups, Conferences & Events

Monday 5th September, Hangzhou, China Hangzhou Elm Meetup
Monday 5th September, Denver, USA Denver Elm Developers
Tuesday 6th September, Hamburg, Germany Elmoin
Thursday 8th September, Barcelona, ES Full Stack Fest
Confident Frontend with Elm, Jack Franklin
Thursday 8th September, New York, USA Elm NYC
Thursday 8th September, Lehi, USA Utah Elm Users

Curator’s Corner

A big thank you to Tom Raithel for tidying up the Elm Weekly logo. The perfectionists among you will be pleased that everything lines up now—what a relief!

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