A round up of what’s happening in the wonderful world of the Elm programming language.



Candy and Allowances: Parent-Child Communication in Elm

Brian Hicks gives us a thorough examination of parent-child component communication in Elm. 

Candy and Allowances, Part II: Child-Child Communication in Elm

Brian Hicks follows up with a discussion of child-child communication in this outstanding component communication series.

The Translator Pattern: a model for Child-to-Parent Communication in Elm

Continuing on the communication theme, Alex Lew coins the translator pattern.

Elmtastic Updates

Get your head around the updates in Elm 0.17 with help from Dave Thomas.

Watching & Listening



Elm MDL, Google’s Material Design Lite for Elm, gets a new release at version 6.0.0 (announcement).

Elm-UI Kitchen Sink

Elm-UI, a GUI library and framework for Elm, gets an update for 0.17

Meetups, Conferences & Events

Saturday 2nd July, Bochum, DE Ruhr.js (Bastian Krol, Elm—The Game Changer)
Monday 4th July, Hangzhou, China Hangzhou Elm Meetup
Tuesday 5th July, Dublin, Ireland Elm User Group Dublin
Wednesday 6th July, Cambridge, United Kingdom Cambridge DDD Nights (Claudia Doppioslash, Introduction to the Elm Language)
Wednesday 6th July, Vancouver, Canada Elm user group Vancouver
Thursday 7th July, New York, USA Elm NYC

Curator’s Corner

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