A round up of what’s happening in the wonderful world of the Elm programming language. Signal forwarded to your mailbox every Thursday in one digestible package.


Functional Mumbo Jumbo - ADTs

Kris Jenkins demystifies Elm’s Union Types in a very accessible manner, that is, without the mumbo jumbo.

hoelz.ro - Porting a Module to Elm 0.17

A 0.17 upgrade writeup from Rob Hoelz involving dragging and mouse position.

Oh no! Learning Elm has gotten me confused about static vs dynamic typing.

Magnus Rundberget reflects on static and dynamic typing after his experiences with Elm (and Haskell).

Putting Down Elm

Mike Anderson describes one of Elm’s helpful side-effects.

Elm: nudging you toward good design

A perspective on Elm from Arjan van der Gaag.

Decoding JSON in Elm

A short but useful look into the thought process behind JSON decoding from Tyler Jennings.

Watching & Listening

Friendly and Functional Frontend with Elm

Mateusz Czubak’s comprehensive introductory slide deck.


Meetups, Conferences & Events

Curator’s Corner

I’m sorry for the intermission last week—there wasn’t much I could do from a hospital bed. It means that this is an appendix-less edition but that we’ve got a double portion of content. I’m hoping normal service will resume next week.

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