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Elm 0.17 was released by Evan Czaplicki on Tuesday. This latest, long-awaited and much anticipated, release of Elm bids farewell to FRP; retiring Signals and introducing Subscriptions while promoting Effects into the core as Commands.


Farewell to FRP

An Introduction to Elm

A better API for Elm with Elixir

Watching & Listening

Functional Reactive Programming for the Web using Elm (0.16)

Elm is a beautiful statically typed functional language, carefully engineered to make it easy and fun to write great apps for the browser. Elm has no runtime exceptions,…

Meetups, Conferences & Events

Curator’s Corner

I’ve put a 0.16 label on the titles of links that feature 0.16 content. This is not in any way an indication that they are obsolete in light of the 0.17 release, rather, making explicit that some bits and pieces will have changed since they were written/recorded. Enjoy!

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