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glot.io, an open source paste bin with runnable snippets added support for Elm


Elm => javascript

Introduction Elm is a fantastic programming language. Through functional programming and the Elm architecture, it facilitates a style of writing web applications, that allows for code that is modular, reliable, and easy to refactor. If you are starting a new project that requires a fast in

Watching & Listening

Elm: Finding the Functional in Reactive Programming

So on the 22nd of April I'm speaking at Progscon 2016, about Elm and Functional Reactive Programming. I'm going to add more later, but here are slides and refs. Video The video has been published on InfoQ. Slides Elm: Finding the Functional in Reactive Programming References Elm Docs Complete Guide



Helper functions for working with Elm + Elixir from Noah Hall

Meetups, Conferences & Events

Monday 2nd May Vienna, Austria Vienna Elm Meetup
Monday 2nd May, Saint Louis, USA STL Elm
Tuesday 3rd May, Hamburg, Germany Elmoin
Wednesday 4th May, Helsinki, Finland Elmsinki
Wednesday 4th May, Paris, France Meetup Elm Paris

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