A round up of what’s happening in the wonderful world of the Elm programming language. Signal forwarded to your mailbox every Thursday in one digestible package.


Max Gold is keen for anyone interested in documenting the Elm Compiler to lend a hand over on the GitHub repository—PRs appreciated—where some work has already started. For those that don’t know, Elm Community is an unofficial group for work on Elm packages and documentation. Lot’s of good stuff there.


How I Structure Elm Apps

Maybe thinking Joshua Clayton implements Maybe in Ruby
Too Many Maybes Rob Hoelz suggests how to clean them up
Inside StartApp Francesco Orsenigo breaks the module down
Why You Should Give Elm a Try Ignacio Gutierrez debates with balance

Watching & Listening

Rock, Paper, Scissors in Elm-UI

Introduction to elm and the elm-ui framework by building a simple Rock, Paper, Scissors game. ======================================== In order to follow alo...

Elm - Functional Reactive Programming in the Browser

An introductory presentation about Elm

Rethink Front End Development With Elm


Elm Kaleidoscope

A fun Graphics based kaleidoscope from Adam Chalmers (code)

Meetups, Conferences & Events

Thursday 21st April, Houston, Texas Houston Functional Programmers
Thursday 21st April, Tokyo, Japan Tokyo Elm Programming Meetup
Tuesday 26th April, Portland, USA Portland Elm Group
Tuesday 26th April, Kraków, Poland Elixir Kraków
Tuesday 26th April, Stockholm, Sweden Stockholm Elm
Tuesday 26th April, Dublin, Ireland Elm User Group Dublin
Wednesday 27th April, Copenhagen, Denmark Elm Copenhagen
Wednesday 27th April, London, UK Functional Programming for the Web

Curator’s Corner

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