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Elm merchandise is slowly entering the market by hook or by crook. This week Kris Jenkins produced some Elm badges and Ossi Hanhinen some Elm Native UI Stickers.


Modelling money in Elm · Thomas Coopman

Thomas Coopman - Software Consultant

Watching & Listening


Rolling Random Romans

A better `Time.fps 60` implementation using `Effects.tick`

Andrey Kuzmin offers a drop in replacement for Time.fps 60 using requestAnimationFrame.


Not technically Elm code, but another fun animation using the Elm logo from MrMovl.

Meetups, Conferences & Events

Tuesday 19th April, London, UK, Elm London Hands on with Elm
Tuesday 19th April, New York City, Elm NYC Hack Night
Wednesday 20th April, Houston, Texas, Houston Functional Programmers Introduction to Elm with Cameron Alexander
Wednesday 20th April, Austin, Texas, Austin JavaScript, Elm with Anton Astashov
Thursday 21st April, Tokyo, Japan, Tokyo Elm Lightning Talks + Pair Programming

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