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Elm Maybe - Dealing with null/Nothing

Watching & Listening


Code Exercises in ELm

Practice having thoughtful conversations about code.


Credit Card Checkout

Release: elm-decode-pipeline 1.0.0

Meetups, Conferences & Events

The Elm London Meetup are looking for speakers for their May 17th event. Get in touch via their Meetup Page or contact Kris Jenkins directly (@krisajenkins) if you’d like to deliver a talk.

Friday 8th April, Helsinki, Futurice WWWeeklies
Monday 11th April, Portland, Portland Elm
Wednesday 13th April, Milwaukee, MKE Web Pros
Tuesday 12th April, San Francisco, San Francisco Elm Hack Night
Wednesday 13th April, Wellington, NZ, Elm Wellington
Thursday 14th April, Utah, Utah Elm Users

Curator’s Corner

I put together a new Elm Weekly logo animation with CSS thanks to Ian Ramos’ Elm Whale which is very cool. Also the London JS webinar above is also open to everyone, whether you’re in London or not (I won’t be!) so if you’re on a European time zone (lunch time) or even East Coast USA (breakfast) feel free to sign up.

Something I missed? Have something you’d like to submit for next week’s edition? Tweet @elmweekly with a link, send an email through to hello@elmweekly.nl, or just hit reply.

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