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Union Types and Tagged Unions

Elm Friday: Union Types In the last episode we took a look at some of the type constructs Elm provides, namely type aliases and records. We continue in this episode by looking at the last major type construct, union types. About This Series This is the tenth post in a series of short and sweet... Read more

Functional Reactive Programming with Elm: An Introduction

Sebastian Porto takes a look at functional reactive programming with Elm, an up-and-coming programming language that compiles to JavaScript.

Watching & Listening

Elm Introduction: Slides


Elm Native UI

Joseph Hager and special guest Ossi Hanhinen dig into building a mobile app with Elm powered by React Native in this ElmCast Live recording.



Meetups, Conferences & Events

28th March (Monday), Dallas, Thinking in Elm

Elm Web Programming Workshop hosted by Dallas Functional Programmers.

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