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Why Elm?

Master Elm pt. 1 - Why Elm

Ports in Elm

(Disclaimer: This post was written about Elm 0.16. Signals, the mechanism described in this post, have since been deprecated. The concepts in this post may s...

Haskell and Elm – Part 4: Feature creep

There are a couple of resources round-ups this week: Elm Branches with Moar Elm Resources 7, Tom McGurl with Okay Elm, You Have My Attention. Now Where Do I Start?.

Watching & Listening


Release: elm-http-extra 5.0.0

Luke Westby announces the latest release of elm-http-extra on his blog and also covers Chainable APIs with the forward apply operator which goes into detail on some of the thinking behind the new APIs.

The Slides Archive

Meetups, Conferences & Events

San Francisco on Tuesday 8th March Hackathon.
Stockholm (Futurice Tech Talks) on Wednesday 9th March feat. talk by Ossi Hanhinen.
Utah on Thursday 10th March Hacking.
Tel Aviv on Thursday 10th March

Evan Czaplicki will be delivering a joint keynote alongside (Elixir) Phoenix creator Chris McCord at the Erlang Factory conference in San Francisco on Thursday 10th March. Hopefully there will be a few surprises in store.

Speakers for LambdaConf (May 26th–28th) were confirmed this week and there promises to be a strong Elm showing with Murphy Randle and Kris Jenkins both running sessions.

Curator’s Corner

I gave my site a new name and a lick of paint before publishing 10 Reasons Elm is going Mainstream in 2016. I also noticed that both Tom Dale (Ember.js) and Michael Jackson (React Router, React.js Training) were very complementary of Evan Czaplicki’s talk, Let’s be mainstream! User focused design in Elm this week on Twitter. Here and here. The talk is well worth watching if you haven’t already.

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