This week: maze generation, package design and upgrades to Elm 0.19!
Issue #55
A roundup of what's happening in the wonderful world of Elm
Articles and Discussion
Artëm Chistyakov walks us through his implementation of a maze generator in Elm 0.19.
Tommaso Pifferi wrote up a detailed report of his experience migrating an app with native modules, websockets and date/time handling.
A brief experience report on upgrading to Elm 0.19 by the engineering team at
Tools and Projects
The new release adds offline dependencies documentation for packages and applications, regex filters and more.
Matthew Griffith talks about the design decisions behind his UI development package elm-ui. 
Insurello has developed the first digital solution that helps people claim their accident insurances money instantly online in Sweden. They are looking for full stack engineers of all levels to add to their team in Stockholm, Sweden. 
Curators' Corner
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